A Father’s Heart- I Belong to My Father

A Father’s Heart- I Belong to My Father

daddy's girl

A Father’s Heart – I Belong to My Father

by Connie Kee

daddy's girl

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Daddy’s Girl

Doesn’t every little girl want to be “Daddy’s girl”? Memories of crawling up into Daddy’s lap, laying your head on his shoulders, and feeling those big strong arms around you fill a girl’s heart and mind for a lifetime. Knowing that you are his special girl and that you belong to him means everything to you. Honestly, it just doesn’t get much better than that for any little girl! Feelings of safety, security, and happiness are all rolled up into experiences like that.

So what if you didn’t have that when you were a little girl? Is that one of life’s experiences that you missed out on and will never be able to enjoy? Absolutely not! You can do it right now with our Heavenly Father. I’m not joking, nor am I being ‘super spiritual’. As a Christian woman, born of the Spirit of God, right now, this very minute, you have a Father, a ‘Daddy’, and He is your Abba Daddy! Right now (and as often as you want), in prayer, you can come into His presence, sit on His lap, and feel His big strong arms wrapped around you. How do I know this? Because I have experienced my Abba Daddy many times in this way. I am His precious girl, His daughter. You may question: “But Connie, you are a grown woman!” My answer: “I am His little girl, because He tells me to come to Him with childlike faith!” So I do just that!

A Special Meeting

My Father and I have a special place that we meet and it’s a beautiful garden. He’s sitting on the garden bench waiting for me, and He’s always just as excited to see me as I am to see Him. Our times together are very precious as we laugh, talk, and enjoy each other’s presence. Because I can totally be myself with Him, I dance all around the garden, twirling and laughing with my head thrown back and the wind catching my hair. He tells me how much He loves me and how special I am to Him. You see, He created me to love Him and to enjoy Him forever. He also made me with a very special purpose. Everything about me is for that purpose – my personality, my temperament, the color of my eyes, my nose, my skin, yes EVERYTHING about me. He created me this way, because He needed me to be me to fulfill His purpose for my life.

a walk and talk with dad

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Sometimes when I meet with Him, I am happy and life is going great; however, sometimes I come to Him sad, burdened, and even heartbroken. Those are the tender times that I have with my Abba Father. You see, He is my Father, but He has the heart of a daddy. The term ‘Abba’ implies a daddy-type of relationship. That is exactly who He is to me – my Daddy. He listens intently as I cry out my problems to Him, and He wipes away every tear falling down my cheeks. His big, strong arms embrace me, making me feel safe and secure. I know that as long as I am with my Abba Father, nothing can hurt me. Being with Him heals my hurts and pains, and takes away all my worries and cares. I know that nothing is too big for Him, and nothing is too small either, so I can bring anything to Him. And I do. Most times, I am a little chatter box, telling Him everything.   The amazing thing is, that is exactly what He wants me to do! Although He already knows what I’m going to say, He never gets frustrated, aggravated or tired of hearing my stories or my thoughts. Patience and love, as well as grace and mercy, pour out from His heart as He tells me that everything will be all right. When I leave the garden, I leave rested, refreshed and free as a butterfly, because He has taken all my burdens and cares. But I also leave excited, anticipating the next time we will meet.

God’s Family

When we accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and are born again, we become God’s children. We are adopted into His family with all the rights, privileges, and blessings that belong to a child of God, including the Father’s name and inheritance. God’s children are special, are loved unconditionally, and are cherished. Galatians 4:4-7 says, “And because you are sons, God has sent forth the Spirit of His Son into your hearts, crying Abba, Father. You are no more a servant, but a son; and if a son, then an heir of God through Christ.”

He is your Abba Daddy and He is waiting just for you!


Connie Kee
Connie Kee
Connie Kee is a woman who lives life thankful for the redemption and saving grace of Jesus Christ and His love and power to heal and restore broken lives. She has a passion for sharing this good news through her writing and speaking. Along with her husband, Scott, they minister with Restoring the Foundations, a healing and deliverance ministry. As a Certified Life Coach, Connie specializes in health coaching and is committed to helping women succeed in living healthy and fruitful lives. Known as wife to Scott, Mom to her daughter and two sons, and “Grandma” to her four grandchildren, she enjoys time with her family, laughing and playing games as well as knitting, biking, reading and long walks with her husband and dog, Henry.

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