True Freedom

true freedom

True Freedom

By Dana Che

true freedom

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You’ve likely heard by now the tragic news that Bobbi Kristina Brown, the late Whitney Houston’s only child, has died at just 22 years old. So many questions are left unanswered. Like many, I had been following Bobbi Kristina’s story in the news. Reports of drugs, fighting and heavy partying were splattered all over various news outlets. All I could do was shake my head and pray, “Lord, have mercy.”


Many young people today think freedom is the license to do whatever you want, whenever you want, with whomever you want, with no consequences. “Free” sex, drugs or whatever else they can image . . . “Live it up!” You’ll hear them chant. But what is freedom, really? The dictionary defines freedom as “exemption from external control, interference, regulation, etc.” It’s this freedom from external control that most of us are after. We don’t want to be told what to do. Any parent of a toddler knows this full well. What is a toddler’s favorite word? “No!” They want you to know that they are in control, not you. In all actuality, the exact opposite is true! They aren’t in control one bit, but in their eyes, they are.

Who’s In Control

Such is the case with us. We think we’re really in control of our lives. We think we’re free to do whatever we want without consequences, but it’s simply not true! Whether you believe God is in ultimate control or not, you must agree that we are all under some kind of authority. Every nation has laws. Don’t believe it? Break one of them, and see what happens. And God’s kingdom has laws too. We aren’t in total control. This realization shouldn’t be bad news to you; in fact, it’s freeing to realize you don’t have to be in control!

Do you think people who are partying their lives away, drinking heavily, doing drugs and sleeping with whoever walks are truly free? In the song, Chandelier by Sia, the opening lyric goes:

Party girls don’t get hurt

Can’t feel anything, when will I learn

I push it down, push it down . . .

The whole song is chronicling the mirage of freedom in the eyes of a party girl. She thinks she’s free, but she’s actually drowning her sorrows with endless alcohol. Does she sound free to you?

My prayer for this generation, and all of us actually, is that we realize Christ really did come to give us freedom—freedom from sin, freedom from shame, freedom from regret, freedom from any and everything that holds us back. True freedom awaits. But we have to be willing to accept it.

You won’t find freedom in

This world’s ways

It will leave you empty

Broken and enslaved

So step into the light

The price has been paid

For you to be truly free

A sacrifice He made

Booze and boys

Just won’t do

Especially when you’ve tasted

What He has for you

So step into the light

Are you willing to trust

Him with your life?

Be free. Be whole. Be right.




Dana Che
Dana Che
Dana Che is a redeemed daughter of God who spends her life as an inspirational youth & women's speaker and best-selling author of The Choice that Changed Her Life. On the weekends, you'll find Dana relaxing on the beach in warm weather or cuddled in front of her fireplace in the winter working on her latest book. She shares her life with her hubby and high school sweetheart, Shaun, their four adorable children (the fab 4) + their current international “daughter” and their “multi-cultural” dog, Cash, in beautiful Virginia Beach, VA.


  1. Tonya says:

    I love it Dana. So true.

  2. Margaret Bernard says:

    You’re so right! True freedom is definitely in Jesus! Boundaries, structure and the like, generally keep us safe, but once these are cast off, our freedom to do as we like, may very well contribute to our demise. It’s sad to hear about the loss of this young woman, and even sadder that she and her mother were met with the same fate. Thanks for sharing Dana. May all of us find genuine freedom in Christ Jesus.

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