Turn of the Season Brings New Life

Turn of the Season Brings New Life

turn of the season winter to spring

Turn of the Season Brings New Life!

By Dana Che
turn of the season winter to spring

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I turned the corner, heading back toward my house and panted the rest of the way to the inviting slope of my driveway. I’d made it! I ran two full miles without stopping . . . a first for me. Now, all you pro runners, go ahead and resist the urge to chuckle. “I am so not a runner,” I often tell my running friends. But with the arrival of Spring, I’ve decided to try something new. Running. Every day. Well . . . at least 3-4 times a week.

The thing I love about the turn of the season to Spring is that it’s bustling with NEW LIFE. The trees are sprouting new leaves, the honeybees are out (which I am running from!), flowers are budding in lush flowerbeds, and new resolutions are being made.
The turn of the season undoubtedly brings bountiful new opportunities. I can’t help but wonder about you . . . Are you embracing this new season? Are you alive with new hope? Or are you simply surviving one day to the next? I often make new goals at the turn of the season. Partly because it keeps life interesting, and also because I love challenging myself to grow and get better. If you’re not making personal goals, I’d encourage you to . . . and do it often.
Life is all about growth. Every living thing grows. When it stops growing, it starts dying.
So whether it’s exercising, reading a new book a month, cutting back on sugar, calling that friend you had a disagreement with years before, going back to school or fill in the blank, I encourage you to focus on growing each and every day.
Life is too good to be stagnant! Be alive! In this new season, I pray you find new hope, new life and embrace every moment of your journey.
What about you? What new goals are you making at this turn of the season?

Dana Che
Dana Che
Dana Che is a redeemed daughter of God who spends her life as an inspirational youth & women's speaker and best-selling author of The Choice that Changed Her Life. On the weekends, you'll find Dana relaxing on the beach in warm weather or cuddled in front of her fireplace in the winter working on her latest book. She shares her life with her hubby and high school sweetheart, Shaun, their four adorable children (the fab 4) + their current international “daughter” and their “multi-cultural” dog, Cash, in beautiful Virginia Beach, VA.


  1. Becky Ritchey says:

    Dana, this is so encouraging! What a great idea, setting goals at the turn of the season – this inspires hope for new life in the weeks ahead!

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